July 22, 2012


Oh, how much I missed it! Finally made some time for writing. Thus, wipe that scowl off that sour puss of yours today. You're gonna smile. Hey, I'm back to bring you up to date on some of the main bands I've been concentrating on lately. Alrite, if you already follow this blog on Twitter or Facebook, you've been kept regularly informed about the latest albums and official video releases. But if you are still not a member of the group, don't waste a moment; hurry up and click here.

Straight off, Fun.'s We Are Young has been one of the most infectious singles of the year: an ode to defiant and youthful optimism. Yep, come hell or high water, it's really hard to dislike such boundless enthusiasm and cheerfulness. The band name clearly define their music. The more you listen to and dig into their songs, the more you'll be on cloud nine. True story.

Their first album, 2009's Aim and Ignite, did not experience substantial commercial success. Nevertheless, thanks to this stunning tune from their sophomore studio album entitled Some Nights, the New Yorkers are well on their way to achieve heights and climb up to the charts, leaving their mark upon the mainstream. However, IMHO, it is perhaps the weakest track on the album.

BTW, Have you already seen this striking cover? I love the way these tight, talented guys have made the song totally their own, building in their hooks and theatrics over and above the original.

A few weeks ago, the outfit world premiered their brand new video for Some Nights, which gives the album its name. It sees the song from the eyes of a young soldier sent off to battle, firing his own weapons and ruminating over the life he's left behind for the cruel nights he's caught up in. But despite being a video about war and its tragic outcomes, Fun. shows that it stands for the same message of exuberant youthfulness that runs rampant in their previous hit. Ah, just a word of warning: try to avoid it from minute 4:13. OMFG! Synthesized voice is quite horrible. Phew! The rest of the song is ok for me. Check it out!


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