July 6, 2012


Guess what the following short stories have in common? All of them show casting selections! Many would-be actors, dancers and singers find them difficult and nerve-racking. Not surprising, considering they are risking it all in just a couple of minutes.

Alrite buds, now you can join an auditioning committee and make most of your judgments about these three bands in the first ten seconds of their performances. Do you accept the challenge? Consider your verdict and don't be cruel to the applicants!

Candidate # ONE
Owner of a Lonely Heart, originally released in 1983 by progressive rock outfit Yes. This is the remixed version out in 2005 by Canadian composer, producer and DJ Max Graham. BTW, those boys are proff. You'll see!

Max Graham - Owner of a Lonely Heart

Candidate # TWO
The music video for the anthem Starz In Their Eyes by Just Jack was released in 2007 and was the first single from the album Overtones. The clip really sums up what the current music industry is all about.

Just Jack - Starz In Their Eyes

Candidate # THREE
Here you have the brand new video for Electric Guest's The Head I Hold, where an anxious talent show competitor is waiting offstage as he watches fellow performers. All the while, his nerves get to him. What will happen?

Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

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