March 17, 2013

A Fitting Name For An Outfit

I'll admit that when I first heard Outfit, I didn't get too excited. 

Nevertheless, for me they've become one of the best bands to emerge this year and the mighty Two Islands was the starting point for much of this. The track, geared up to be put out on September 12, is seemingly custom made to be listened to on repeat and seeped into one's brain deliciously. It is a six-minute song that starts off with guitar fuzz before evolving into a groove that is gradually mutating into a punk-funk hybrid. 

With comparisons to Wild Beasts, The XX and New Order, the five-piece are able to shoehorn these various sounds together while firmly stamping their own imprint on to them. 

Despite the band's press biog is full of light-hearted mis-information, not giving a thing away, and they have only played roughly a dozen gigs, this "outfit" is already receiving wide attention. I handed it to you on a plate and now you only have to open your ears and leave you dazzled. I'll say no more, listen below. I think you'll agree it's rather lovely indeed.

BTW, don't miss their fun website. Roll your mouse over the youtube videos and it becomes some sort of fever nightmares of ridiculousness.

Firemen Don't Fly

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