June 30, 2013

Drawing Lyrics (VI)

Thriller  has often been referred to as the greatest music video ever and also been voted the most influential pop clip of all time. So it had to appear on this blog sooner or later, right?

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Click to button to (re-re-re)watch the extended version of this awsome short film!

There are a wide range of artists who have been performing this theme tune in recent years. I bring you some examples which have drawn my attention significantly:

Emily Elbert. With a guitar and her own voice, this girl from Boston performs a simple, but quite interesting cover.

The widely known Vitamin String Quartet with one of their classical music versions.

The wondrous ukulele tune by the Hawaiian Jake Shimabukuro

The cover carried out by the Spanish band Speak Low is a cool funky instrumental version. 

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