December 22, 2013

Songs For a Hopeless Apology (V)

El Columpio Asesino – Perlas 

This interesting and unique Spanish indie-pop band speaks about love, hatred and emotions in a raw and unapologetic way. This song is a desperate call to find some shelter in forgiveness. Sometimes a little chance can make a lot.

“Sé que no lo hice bien
ahora sé que mal
es lo mejor que lo puedo hacer
no pretendo arreglar
el daño que está hecho ya
pero por favor
abréme la puerta hoy
por favor
concedeme tregua hoy...”

“I know I didn’t do it well
now I know that wrong
is the best I can do
I don’t intend to fix
all the harm I already did
but please
open your door (just) today
give me a break (just) today.”

Written by Axialbis one year before.

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