October 2, 2011

Bitter Loneliness

Paris, the city of love par excellence, has been chosen by Adele as the setting for the shooting of her new video for Someone Like You, released yesterday.

This song turns out to be achingly beautiful for reasons very different than Rolling In Deep, another of my fave tracks. It's a bare piano ballad that puts her rafter-reaching heartbreak front and center. The long-awaited video is just as simple: Adele wanders along the Seine in the lonely wee hours, and her sense of loss is displayed in gritty black and white. But then the camera takes a twirl to catch the Eiffel Tower, or an old bridge, or some other perfect Parisian scene, and you're reminded just how brutal the situation is. She isn't just alone. She's alone in Paris. 

BTW, did you know that her ex demanded a chop on copyright from 21 after learning several of the lyrics were inspired by their break-up? Oof! What a bastard, huh?

Even though I look for someone else, Adele, I will not find someone like you.

Now you can read some song-facts regarding to Rolling In The Deep, one of the biggest singles I've heard all year.

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