August 23, 2013

In Their Pockets

Pocketbooks are a delightful five-piece indie-pop band from London who popped up on my horizon some time ago with their track Footsteps, a joyous slice of uplifting, summer-tinged charm.


Their latest album entitled Carousel, which was released four days ago, is markedly different to its predecessor. If Flight Paths was snotty and  charmingly naive, then Carousel is their autumn record and sounds a bit more mellow. 

It's all about introspection and feeling a little bit lost with life. Throughout there's a desire to break free of life's little obstacles and celebrate a little. Mnmnmn... I think that's something a lot of us can relate to in one way or another. Sound of the carnival  is particularly knowing.


If you want to force me to pick a favourite, then it'd have to be Promises, Promises, a flurry of bright harmonies and fast pacing set by the sweeping violins, singer Emma Halls' lovely shining vocals and bittersweet lyrics about casual promises that never materialize.


But, hey, let's not get too deep, chumps. What, essentially, you've got in Carousel is a gem of a pop album. They're streaming a few of the songs over on their Bandcamp page, in case you fancy a listen:

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