September 18, 2013

(Es)sex & Love

September is always a big month for album releases and as you can see, this week is loaded with new launches. Yay! 

Today I want to encourage you to check out the latest stuff from a minimalist indie-pop trio under the name of Love Inks, comprising husband-and-wife team Sherry LeBlanc (vocals) and Kevin Dehan (bass) and guitarist Adam Linnell. 
They named their band after some ancient voodoo involving writing magical new love letters in ink created from the burning of old ones. 

For their debut album E.S.P. (ten tracks dropped earlier this year), they worked under the idea of keeping each guitar, bass and drums sound as pure and unadorned as possible. They're also completely self-financed and recorded the EP on a reel-to-reel tape recorder in their bedroom (the musical equivalent of commuting to work by horse and cart). The less digitized, the better!

Leather Glove

Now they also have a 7-inch simply titled, Rock On, with a physical release date scheduled for September 9. Indeed, this is a lo-fi, sweet vibed, pop rendition of a Dave Essex  70s classic hit.

In addition, the B-side contains Be Brave, another catchy song with a graceful beauty. When I did listen, what struck me was the amazing warmth that they've captured.

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