July 14, 2013

A Breed Of Feline Humans

Hi docs! Toooday we travel to Spain, my native country, where we run into CatPeople. They actually sing majorly in English, but I felt like mentioning them anyway cuz they are often an underrated outfit in terms of our own radars.

In spite of the youth of its members (the oldest one is still far from thirty), they sound like a very mature band with songs filled from beginning to end with dark pop melodies and nasty post-punk climaxes, starting off closer to bands such as Interpol and Editors, and turning themselves into a strange mutation of Joy Division and The Chameleons.

The group, formerly known as Magic Noise, took their current name from the classic horror film "The Panther Woman" (Jacques Tourneur, 1942). 

Some of their videos were made possible with the help of all the fans who contributed to finance the projects.

In Silence



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